A personal loan is an unsecured loan offered to individuals by banks and NBFC’s to fulfil temporary financial requirements. The loan is offered without any collateral and thus makes it the most preferred and easily accessible loan type. The borrower can use the loan taken for any purpose, without any restriction on how and where to spend the loan amount.

Everyone needs money at some point in their lives to fulfill certain dreams, ambitions, and responsibilities. Some want the best degree from the best university, some have dreams of travelling the world, some want to have a lavish wedding, while others want to expand their businesses. Also, unprecedented situations like medical emergencies can arise at any time and the only option at that moment may be to take a loan to meet the immediate medical expenses.

Due to easier, and now in most cases, digital access to credit, people have stopped borrowing from friends and relatives and rely on personal loans. This has led to a consistent demand and growth in the number of loans disbursed.

At Dhanvarsha, we offer different types of personal loans keeping in mind the needs of our customers.

Advantages of Dhanvarsha Personal Loans:

  • The loan can be used for any purpose as per the need of the individual
  • Avail loan up to Rs.10 Lakhs
  • Attractive Interest Rates
  • Hassle-free documentation
  • Quick disbursement of loans as it is collateral free
  • Easy repayment option with Zero Foreclosure charge

Types of Dhanvarsha Personal Loans:

  • Medical Loan – Dhan Arogya

Considering the rising cost of medical treatment in India, a medical emergency can be stressful for a common man who does not have enough savings. Insurance is not enough to treat a patient as real time funds are required at the time of treatment. In such dire times, a personal loan can help fulfil your temporary medical expenses. Dhanvarsha offers instant medical loans to families in need and ensures that money is not a roadblock during such critical times.

  • Education Loan – Dhan Vidya

Education still remains a priority for Indian households and parents are ready to spend money for their child’s bright future. But the cost of education has gone up considerably in recent years, sometimes making it difficult to make do with just existing savings. To make your dreams come true, Dhan Vidya is here to back you.

  • Travel Loan – Dhan Safar

We all need a break from our routine monotonous life. A short travel plan always helps to rejuvenate yourself. Travel plans can be expensive but do not hold yourself back. We are here to offer you the desired time you need for yourself with Dhanvarsha Travel Loans.

  • Home Renovation – Dhan Ghar

Who does not want a spick and span house?

You can now renovate your house without having to think about the expenses. Our Dhan Ghar loans will help you make your dream house.

  • Debt consolidation – Dhan Sukh

If you have multiple active loans with too many EMI payments, look no further. Managing and keeping track of all loans and recurring monthly EMI’s can be tedious and difficult and our Dhan Sukh loans help you to consolidate all your debts together to pay 1 single EMI.

At Dhanvarsha, we understand your wishes and strive to be your preferred financing partner. We make sure that you are covered for every possible need with our affordable personal loans.

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