Raising quick finance from unorganized money lenders against the pledge of gold is an age-old practice in India. Today, the entire process of pledging gold for instant money has become very organized and the demand is ever increasing. Gold loans are now one of the easiest options for any short-term money requirements.

What exactly is a Gold Loan?

Gold Loans are a type of secured loan wherein you pledge your physical gold jewellery as collateral in order to get immediate funds.The money can be used for any purpose, be it for business, education, medical expenses, down payments, house renovation etc. This is a great option to access quick liquidity especially when faced with sudden unforeseen circumstances where time is of the essence.

Due to the deep impact of COVID on the economy, many customers are struggling to get regular loans from banks and hence the demand for Gold loans has been surging. Be it in the tier 1 or tier 2 cities, a large number of people are ready to pledge their gold to banks and NBFCs to fulfil their financial requirements, especially given the fact that gold prices have been on an upswing and hence the Loan to Value (LTV) ratios work in their favour.

Keeping in mind this rising demand, Dhanvarsha now offers quick Gold Loans to its clients for easy & timely availability of funds.


Some features of Dhanvarsha Gold Loans:

Loan Amount: You can avail up to 25 lakhs loan amount by pledging your Gold jewellery

Loan Tenure: Get a loan for a maximum period of 12 months

Documentation: The documentation process is quick and hassle free. For up to Rs.10 lakhs loan, only basic KYC documents are required. If the loan amount exceeds Rs. 10 lakhs then income proof and bank documents are mandatory.

Interest Rates: We offer customized schemes to our clients and the interest rates depend on the loan amount and the scheme opted for. There are no hidden charges.


At Dhanvarsha, we offer Gold Loans at reasonable interest rates, keeping in mind the urgent needs of our customers.

If you are looking for quick liquidity, do not forget to opt for a Dhanvarsha Gold Loan.